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Supermarket Scams!

Don’t trust the supermarket special offers, find out for yourself with our handy guide.

Published 29 May 2015 by

101 things to do with jam jars

As a jam jar account provider, we’re a little obsessed with these useful containers. Here’s 101 things you can do with an empty jam jar.

Published 3 November 2014 by

thinkmoney Personal Account scoops prestigious Fairbanking Mark - three years in a row!

It's good news for thinkmoney staff and Personal Account customers as the account is granted a 4 Star Fairbanking Mark - for the second year running.

Published 22 November 2013 by

10 healthy and cheap snacks ideas

5 May 2015

To help satisfy your hunger, we’ve got 10 healthy snack ideas to share with you.

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Paid weekly? We’ve 4 ideas to make budgeting simple

4 May 2015

The rise of weekly pay and zero hour contracts requires great budgeting skills. Use our tips to help you become a better weekly budgeter.

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How to budget on zero hour contracts

3 May 2015

Use our tips to help you budget when you’re on a zero hour contract

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Liquid lunches – cheap and healthy packed lunch ideas with a difference! Part 2

1 May 2015

Pep up your packed lunches with our liquid alternatives – this week chowder and broth

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Save £20 on your shopping just by leaving the little ones at home! But what if you can’t?

30 April 2015

Seven ways to keep the kids entertained in the supermarket.

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