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How to revamp a woman’s wardrobe on a budget

Reinventing your style doesn’t have to mean going out and buying yourself a whole new wardrobe. So to help you liven up your look whilst remaining on a budget, follow our money-saving tips.

Published 30 January 2015 by

101 things to do with jam jars

As a jam jar account provider, we’re a little obsessed with these useful containers. Here’s 101 things you can do with an empty jam jar.

Published 3 November 2014 by

thinkmoney Personal Account scoops prestigious Fairbanking Mark - three years in a row!

It's good news for thinkmoney staff and Personal Account customers as the account is granted a 4 Star Fairbanking Mark - for the second year running.

Published 22 November 2013 by

Affordable Christmas dinner guide

16 December 2014

Don’t spend more than you have to on your Christmas dinner. We’ll show you ways you can save money, without compromising on taste.

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Are you working on Christmas Day? Nearly 1 in 6 of us are

15 December 2014

Working on Christmas Day might be out of the question for some people, but not everyone is lucky enough to have the day off.

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Christmas gift guide for women

15 December 2014

From simple stocking fillers to more unusual gifts for under the tree, our 2014 Christmas presents guide for women will make sure you’re sorted on time.

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Christmas Gift Guide for Men 2014

12 December 2014

If you want to find the best Christmas presents for your husband or boyfriend at the best possible price, you should check out our 2014 Christmas Gift Guide for Men.

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Manage the early Christmas payday with the thinkmoney Personal Account

11 December 2014

If you get paid differently over Christmas, we’ll manage your bills for you, so you won’t have to budget for extra.

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