Student bank accounts: what should you look out for?


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If you've got your A-level results today and you're planning on going to university, there's probably loads of things you're thinking about. What will it be like to move away from home (unless you're staying at home)? Where will you go during Fresher's week - and who will you meet?

But you should also be thinking about your student bank account. What makes a good one? This is especially important now that the fees have risen so much - it will really help to stay on top of your money.

You may, of course, be looking at the freebies that come with your bank account. These can be really fun - and sometimes helpful - but they're only worth considering if they come with an account that's actually worth having.

One of the things you might want to look out for is an interest-free overdraft. The Guardian reports, however, that you may not always get the maximum overdraft on offer, as it will probably be credit checked. But it's always important to know whether you'd be able to repay your overdraft - as it will start charging interest once your student days are over. Make sure you know the date you'd need to repay it for.

Some accounts also offer interest on your balance - though these may be hard to come by for students, as many require you to pay in a certain amount per month. If you're getting a part-time job at uni, this kind of account might be worth a look.

If you're not interested in an overdraft - or you can't get one - you might be wondering what kind of account to go for. There are accounts out there that will budget your money for you - which can be really helpful during university, when it's admittedly quite easy to lose track.

The thinkbanking account, for example, doesn't have an overdraft facility (which means no overdraft fees, ever), but it does help you to budget. It's separated into two accounts. When you put money in - whether from your student loan or a job - some will be held in one account, which is for things like your rent and bills. The rest will go into the other account for you to spend or save as you please.

So if you need help keeping track of your student finances - or you'd just prefer somebody else to do it for you - have a look at the thinkbanking account.


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