Three steps to paying in cheques successfully


Banking Information

If you've got cheques to pay into your thinkmoney account here's a reminder of how to do so.

1. Remember that you must now use a Post Office to pay in cheques (or cash). Other than posting them to us, you can't pay them in anywhere else. 

2. Use a yellow tm paying in envelope - like the one below. All PO branches have been sent a supply, but let us know if your local branch has run out. You don't need to use a paying in book or slip.

3. Write the correct sort code on the envelope.

• If your Account Number starts with a 1, your sort code is 16 20 15

• If your Account Number starts with a 2, your sort code is 16 31 30

Post Office yellow cheque deposit envelopeThe Post Office will give you a receipt - we recommend keeping it until you've had confirmation that the cheque has cleared. We'll text on the day that your cheque clears.

You can find full details on how to do this - and much more - in the Help & Support section of the thinkmoney website.

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