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Since our upgrade last Thursday, high levels of activity have caused our online services to be unavailable at times. Despite our best efforts, this has resulted in long call wait times.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that these problems have caused.

We are pleased to say that Online Account Management and the App are now back up and running.

In addition, as a temporary measure, we now have a free phone number - 0800 014 1035 - that you can use to call us. Calls should be free from both mobiles and landlines.

In all other respects your account continues to operate as usual:

✓ Your card is working for cash withdrawals and purchases in store and online

✓ Incomes and Faster Payments are being received and made

✓ Direct Debits and standing orders are being processed as usual

The upgrade means the new features and changes that we've been telling you about are now available to use...

Transfer money to your card via the App or Online Account Management

If you need to transfer money to your card there's now no need to call us or text. You can now do so via Online Account Management or the new version of our App. This video explains how to transfer money to your card: View guide.

Pay in cheques as well as cash at the Post Office

You can now pay in cheques as well as cash at any Post Office branch. You can find details on how to do this here.

Find out more

Please remember that RBS & NatWest counter services are no longer available to thinkmoney customers. Also, please don't deposit cheques at RBS/NatWest "Quick deposit" machines.

You can continue to use RBS/NatWest ATMs to withdraw cash.

Send and Receive payments faster

Payments you make or are receiving should now arrive within two hours (usually within minutes). This video explains how to make Faster Payments via the App or Online Account Management.

View guide

New fixed monthly fee date

From now on we'll collect your account fee on the same date each month. We'll contact you to let you know what day that will be.

We will budget for your fee, as we do with your other regular payments.

Your new sort code is 16-20-15

Please quote that on any new Direct Debits, Faster Payments or other incomes into your account.

You don't need to update any of your existing incomes or payments - these will automatically be re-routed to your account.

Update to Standing Orders

Please note that existing standing orders you have set up may now show up on Online Account Management as two or three mandates - one for the first payment, one for the ongoing payment and if you had specified an end date, one for the final payment.

Please don't worry about the multiple mandates, it doesn't mean that the payment will go out more than it should. Any new mandates that you set up will only appear once.

If you have any questions about the new features on your thinkmoney account please check out our new Help and Support centre.

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