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Here to help you stay on top of your finances

Transparent, helpful, supportive. Would you associate these words with finance companies?

Didn’t think so. But we’re on a mission to change that.

With convenient online services and useful features to help you manage your money well, say hello to the simpler way to bank.

Our purpose

To make great banking experiences accessible to everyone. That means no financial jargon, and no need for a squeaky clean credit rating.

Our goal

To take the stress out of budgeting and help you stay in control of your finances.

How do we do that?

Through an online current account built around you, with smart features to help you manage your money.

Empowering you to manage money well

Bills are a part of life. Stressing about them shouldn’t be. So we created a current account to take the stress out of budgeting for your bills.

The account automatically splits your money into two separate pots – one for bills and one for spending - empowering you to keep your finances in good shape.

And every day it helps thousands of people pay their bills on time, avoid late payment charges, and improve their credit score.

Jam Jars
Jam Jars

Think back to 2001


The first iPod was released, Harry Potter hit the cinema, It wasn’t me by Shaggy was in the charts, and the thinkmoney story began.

Back in 2001, the thinkmoney Current Account got its first customer. And like most of our customers in those early years, that person had money worries or debt. We didn’t judge this person on their financial past, and instead we gave them the help they needed to get back on their feet.

Then we thought, if the thinkmoney Current Account helps people with money worries, why can’t it help everyone?

So we opened our doors to anyone looking for an alternative to the high street banks. To people who need round-the-clock banking, not inconvenient opening times. To people who want fast online services, not queueing in branches. To everyone, whatever their financial situation.


Good to know

A fairer way to bank

For eight years running, we’ve been awarded a four star Fairbanking mark to recognise that the thinkmoney Current Account is good for customers’ financial wellbeing.

Your money is protected

We might not be a bank, but your money is safe with us. We’re regulated by Financial Conduct Authority to ensure we’re honest with you and we treat you fairly.

We’re big on giving

Supporting good causes is part of our culture. We’re a generous bunch, and our team donate their money and their time to help charities.

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