Opening an account

Opening an account (9)

What are the thinkmoney Current Account fees?

Your monthly account fee covers the cost of maintaining your account. Find out more about your account fee and the other fees we could charge.

Can I apply for an account if I've got bad credit?

You can open a thinkmoney Current Account if you've got bad credit, limited credit history, or you've just arrived in the UK.

I need to send ID to open an account. What ID can I send?

Find out what ID you need to open an account. If we need to see ID as part of your application, you'll be told when you finish the form.

How do I upload my ID?

Upload your ID to complete your application and get your card. These instructions show you how to use the ID upload service.

What if I can't or don't want to upload my ID?

Not everyone can use our ID upload service. Find out what to do if you're having problems uploading ID. You might have to post your ID to us instead.

What if I don't have any of the documents you accept?

If you don't have a driving licence or passport, you can usually get alternative documents pretty easily.

4 steps to set up your account

To make the most of your account, you need to move your income and Direct Debits to your thinkmoney account and register for online banking and the app.

How to get your ID upload right

Hints and tips to make sure your ID is accepted straight away. If you upload your ID, make sure your image is clear, easy to read and good quality.

How to open an account via the app

Opening a thinkmoney account is easy on the app. You can be set up in minutes, anytime, anywhere. Follow our quick guide on how to open an account through the app.