What is Mastercard® biometrics?

How it works:

  • You buy something online with your thinkmoney card
  • You’ll get a push notification asking you to verify the transaction
  • Log in to the app to see a description of the transaction (merchant name, amount, time and date)
  • If you recognise the transaction press ‘authorise payment’
  • Use face recognition or your fingerprint to verify the transaction Log in and verify transactions straight away to make sure they go through properly.

Do I have to use Mastercard® biometrics?

You don’t have to use Mastercard biometrics to verify your purchases. If you prefer, you can verify them with a one time passcode instead.

We’ll send your one time passcodes to the email address or phone number on your account, so please ensure all your details are up to date and update them if necessary.

How do I register for Mastercard biometrics?

You don’t need to register for Mastercard biometrics, but you do need to enable it using the app.

  • Go to the ‘more’ section
  • Press ‘Biometric settings’
  • Tap the toggle under ‘Mastercard payments’ to enable Mastercard biometrics
  • A pop up will appear asking you to turn push notifications on. You need to opt in for push notifications to use Mastercard biometrics.

How will I authorise payments if I don’t have biometrics on my device?

If your device doesn’t support fingerprint or facial recognition, we’ll send you one time passcodes to verify transactions instead.

What should I do if I get a request for verification I don’t recognise?

If you don’t recognise the transaction which you’re being asked to verify, press ‘I don’t recognise this’.

We’ll cancel this transaction and block your card to prevent any more unauthorised transactions. Once your card is blocked, give us a call to unblock it.

Why can I only use one device to authorise transactions?

You can only authorise transactions with Mastercard biometrics on one device to prevent someone else from authorising transactions on your behalf.

If you enable Mastercard biometrics on a new device, you’ll no longer be able to authorise transactions on the previous one.

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