What to do when someone passes away

We understand that it’s a difficult time when someone close to you passes away. Dealing with practical matters may seem overwhelming, which is why we’ve made it simple and straightforward for you to notify us.

Read our guide to what to do when someone passes away for more information.

What you need to do

Please notify us as soon as possible. You can contact us by phone, email or post.


0161 871 4874


Bereavement Services Team, Think Park, Mosley Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1FQ

What happens to joint accounts when one person dies?

When somebody dies, an 'administrator' or 'executor' will ensure their possessions and their money are distributed according to their wishes. The exception to this is money held in joint accounts.

When one person dies, money in joint accounts transfers directly to the surviving person named on the joint bank account.

What you need to do with your joint account

We try to make sorting out joint accounts when one person dies as smooth and easy as possible. We just need to see the death certificate and we’ll transfer the joint account into the surviving account holder's name.