Can I pay in cash and cheques at the Post Office?

You can pay in cash and cheques at any branch of the Post Office. Just take your card and the money you’re paying in to your nearest Post Office branch.

How much cash can I pay in?

The maximum amount that you can deposit at a branch of the Post Office is £20,000 per calendar day. Some smaller branches might allow you to pay in a maximum of £1,000 a day.

How do I pay cash into my account?

Go to the counter at the Post Office, put your card in the CHIP and PIN device, enter your PIN, hand your cash to the cashier and the money will go into your account instantly.

Where is my nearest Post Office?

You can check where your local Post Office is and their contact details online using the Post Office Branch Finder.

I haven’t got access to my card, can I still pay money in?

If you’ve lost your card or it’s been stolen, you can use our barcode generator to pay in cash at the Post Office. The money will be in your account the next day.

You can also generate a barcode using online banking or the app.

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