How do I report a lost, stolen or damaged card?

Lock it straight away using online banking or the app. Your card can’t be used while locked, so your money is safe if someone’s got their hands on your card.

How to lock your card:

  • Go to the ‘card’ section
  • Find ‘Lock card’
  • Move the toggle to the right to lock your card

A padlock will appear over the image of your card to confirm that it’s locked. If you’ve looked for it and you find it, unlock your card to start using it again. 

How do I order a new card?

If your card was stolen, you’ve looked everywhere and you can’t find it, or it’s damaged and you can’t use it, give us a call to order a replacement.

Call us straight from the app or dial 0161 779 5000.

Good to know:

  • If you lose your card or it gets damaged, we might charge you £1 for a replacement
  • You can withdraw emergency cash from Paypoint while you’re waiting for your new card

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