My card and PIN

My card and PIN (7)

How do I activate my card?

Activate your card online, on the app or by text before you use it. You need to activate your card to pay in money, withdraw cash, or make a debit card payment.

How do I unblock my PIN?

If you enter your PIN incorrectly too many times, it could get blocked. You can unblock it at a cash machine, or you might have to call us.

How do I get a PIN reminder?

You can request a PIN reminder in the app.

Where can I use my card?

You can use your Prepaid Debit card in shops, online and in cash machines.

My card is about to expire, when will I get my new one?

We'll automatically send you a new card about two weeks before your current one expires. You need to activate your new card when it arrives.

How do I report a lost, stolen or damaged card?

If you lose your card, freeze it in the app to keep your account safe. You can also cancel your card and order a new one.

Can I use my card abroad?

You can use your card in shops and cash machines all over the world.