Making contactless payments

Here is a step by step guide to making a contactless transaction

  • Look for the contactless symbol on the card reader.
  • Hold your contactless card against the card reader when prompted.
  • Wait for the green light or the beep to confirm your payment has been processed.
  • If funds are available and you haven’t reached a security limit your payment will be approved.

How will contactless payments show on my account?

Contactless transactions will show on your account and statements the same as a Chip & PIN payment would. You will see the date the transaction was made, the retailer and the value of the payment.

Can I use contactless abroad?

You can use your card anywhere that displays the contactless and Mastercard symbols.

Will any purchases be made without my knowledge if I walk past a card reader?

No, your card must be held 2-4 centimetres away from the card reader before it is able to deduct funds from your account. The retailer must also have entered an amount before the payment would process.

How long will contactless payments take to clear?

Contactless transactions will show on your account as soon as you make the payment. Some payments made with Transport for London may take a few days to show on your account.

Do all shops accept contactless payments?

Any shop that displays the contactless symbol will accept contactless payments. Most retailers will accept this type of payment as it's a popular service amongst shoppers.

If you're unsure whether a shop will accept contactless payments, simply ask a member of staff and they'll be able to help you.