How do I get incomes paid into my account?

Give the person or organisation paying you (for example, your employer or the DWP) your:

  • account number
  • sort code

You’ll find these details on the front of your card, on your statements, and on the app/online banking.

How will I know when an income has been paid into my account?

We’ll send you a text when an income is paid into your account.

You can also log into online banking or the app to check that your income has been paid.

If you've not registered for online banking or the app yet, register now, or download the app from the App Store Link or Google Play Store Link.

What is a BACS payment?

BACS is a system for sending money within the UK from one bank account to another. They're mainly used to pay benefits or wages into your account.

We process BACS payments overnight so that the money is in your account first thing in the morning (usually by about 7am).