What is a One-Time Passcode?

A One-Time Passcode (OTP) is a random set of numbers which we send to you to confirm that it’s you making a payment, logging in to the app or online banking, or making a purchase with Mastercard Identity Check.

You need to enter this number sequence on the webpage or in the app to complete the request.

How will I receive my One-Time Passcode?

We’ll send your OTP by email or text message depending on which preference you chose when setting up your account.

How long is my One-Time Passcode valid for?

Your OTP is temporary and designed to be used for one transaction only. It will last for five minutes.

What if I haven't received my One-Time Passcode within five minutes?

Click 'Continue' and then select the 'Resend OTP' link on the Mastercard Identity Check screen to get sent a new OTP.

You can click the resend link three times before the link times out.

What if I haven't received my One-Time Passcode after clicking the resend link?

If your OTP still doesn’t arrive, check that your details are up to date.

If your details have recently changed, update your mobile number or email address using online banking or the app before you request another OTP.

If your details are correct then you can start your transaction again – just close your browser and reopen it first. Contact us if your OTP still doesn't arrive after you request it.

What should I do if my One-Time Passcode is blocked?

Your OTP might get blocked for two reasons:

  • You’ve clicked ‘resend OTP’ three times and your code hasn’t arrived
  • You’ve entered your code incorrectly

In both instances, the first step is to check your details are up to date on your account. Take care when entering OTPs to make sure you input the correct code.

I’ve received a One-Time Passcode that I wasn’t expecting – what should I do?

If you get an OTP, but you’ve not tried to make a payment, log in to the app or online banking, or make a purchase in the past 15 minutes, give us a call.

Outside working hours text BLOCK to 81122 or 07786200077 (from the mobile number registered to your account). We will contact you the next working day to resolve the issue.

How can I tell if a One-Time Passcode is from you?

If you request an OTP by text it will come from ‘tm OTP’. If you request it by email the sender will be ‘[email protected]’.