Budgeting and bills

Budgeting and bills

Budgeting and bills (5)

What are the different budgeting options?

Your thinkmoney Current Account budgets for your bills. All you have to do is keep your income and payment information up to date in the app and online banking.

How do I get incomes paid into my account?

To get your income paid into your thinkmoney account, give your account number and sort code to your employer, benefits office or pension provider.

How do I set up Direct Debits and standing orders?

Use online banking or the app to tell us about your Direct Debits and standing orders.

How do I amend Direct Debits and standing orders?

If one of your payments change, update your details in the app or online banking so we can keep the right amount of money aside for your bills.

How do I transfer money from my bills account to my card?

If you've got money available in your bills account, you can transfer it to your card using the app or online banking.

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