What are the thinkmoney Current Account fees?

Find a full list of fees and a glossary of terms used in our fee information documents.

Is it free to make a cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK?

We don't charge you to withdraw cash, but some cash machines do. The machine will tell you if charges apply.

Don’t worry if you see this message when using a Mastercard® LINK ATM in the UK:

"Your card issuer may charge you for this transaction. Would you like to continue?"

We won't charge you. If you see this message press 'Continue' to continue with the transaction.

When is my account fee taken?

Your first monthly fee is taken a month after the date on your welcome letter (the letter which came with your card), and on the same date each month after that.

For example, if your letter is dated 3rd May, your fee would be taken on the 3rd of every month, starting with June.

Can I change my fee date?

You can’t amend the date your fee comes out, but the fee will always be budgeted for in your bills account to make sure it’ll be paid each month, along with the other bills that you’ve told us about.

What does the fee include?

  • Our unique budgeting service – which means that we’ll put aside enough money to cover the regular bills you tell us about, so that they should always be paid.
  • A thinkmoney Prepaid Debit Mastercard®
  • 24/7 online management of your money through the app, online banking or by text.
  • No fees if we are refusing a payment due to lack of funds (such as, if a Direct Debit bounces).