How do I update my personal details?

You can update your address, phone number and email on online banking or the app.

  • Go to the ‘More’ section
  • Select ‘Account management’
  • Press ‘edit’ next to the information you want to change
  • Enter your new address, phone number or email address, then hit ‘confirm’ when you’re done
  • If you're updating your address, you'll also be asked to enter the date you moved in

What should I do if I get married?

Call us on 0161 779 5000 to let us know. We’ll send you a form – please fill it in and return it in the prepaid envelope provided. We’ll need to see your marriage certificate too, so please pop this in the prepaid envelope too.

How do I change my name?

Call us on 0161 779 5000 and we’ll send you a form to fill in. Once we’ve received your form, and any documents we need, we’ll change your name on your account within five working days. You’ll get a new card in three to five working days.

Documents we might ask for:

  • If you’ve got married, we’ll need to see your Marriage Certificate
  • If you’re divorced, we’ll need to see the Decree Absolute and your birth certificate
  • If you’re changing your name for another reason than marriage or divorce, we’ll require a Change of Name Deed
  • If we have an incorrect spelling of your name, we’ll need to see your birth certificate, passport or driving licence