What if I don't have any of the documents you accept?

If you don’t have any suitable documents, you can access documents which we accept in the following ways:

HMRC letter

Call HMRC on 0300 200 3300.

  • If you’re employed, ask for a P2 Notice of Tax Coding.
  • If you’re self-employed, ask for a National Insurance Contributions Statement or a Self-Assessment form.

Benefits Letter

Call your benefits office and ask for an awards letter confirming how much you’re entitled to.

Household Bills

You could ask the people you live with to add your name to the household bills, but remember that you will be responsible for the bill payment if the other person doesn’t pay.

Old address on Driving Licence?

You can change the address on your driving licence online or by post.

If you have a photocard or paper driving licence which is still in date, the DVLA will update it free of charge.

Changed your name?

We can accept documents in your old name for 6 months after your name change as long as:

  • They were issued before your name changed, and
  • You send us legal documents confirming your name change (e.g. deed poll document, marriage certificate or decree absolute).

We can accept a passport in your old name up until the expiry date if you provide one of the name change documents listed above.