Transport for London contactless payments

How will TfL charges be shown on my card statement?

Contactless payment card transactions will show as "TfL TravelCharge" along with the date and the amount.

How do contactless payments work on Transport for London?

At the start of your journey, you’ll need to tap your card against the yellow card reader. A green light should appear and you'll hear a single beep. This means your card has been accepted.

If you see a red light and hear 3 beeps (2 beeps on buses), it means that your card has been rejected and you'll need to use an alternate payment method.

Whether or not you need to tap out at the end of your journey depends on whether you’re travelling by bus, tram or rail. Visit the TfL site for more information.

What happens if I tap my wallet/purse against the card reader rather than present the card I wish to use to pay?

If you tap your wallet/purse against the card reader containing more than one contactless card (including an Oyster card) against a TfL card reader, you could be affected by card clash, meaning:

  • The reader may not know which card to take payment from and decline. If you see a red light and hear 3 beeps (2 beeps on buses), you won’t have paid for your journey.
  • The reader may take the payment from a card you did not intend to pay with.
  • You could be charged two maximum fares. This happens when the reader charges one card when you tap in and another card when you tap out.

To avoid card clash, we recommend that you remove the card you wish to use from your wallet/purse and tap it against the card reader.

Is it possible to pay for more than one fare using a contactless payment card?

No, a contactless payment can only pay for one person per journey.

What if I do not have enough funds in my account to make my journey?

Check that you have enough money on your card before you travel. Find out how much your journey will cost on the TfL website. If you don't have enough money to pay for your journey your account may go overdrawn and you may be prevented from travelling until the situation is resolved.

Why won’t my card work when trying to use TfL services?

There are a number of reasons why your card may have been rejected when trying to pay for your journey. We may have declined the payment due to insufficient funds on your card, unpaid fares owed to TfL or a failed revenue inspection. For more information on why your card may have been declined and how to resolve your query, visit the TfL frequently asked questions site.