I need to send ID to open an account. What ID can I send?

If you get asked for ID at the end of the application form, please upload or post one of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Full or provisional UK driving licence (photocard only)
  • EU national identity card
  • Biometric residence permit
  • HM forces ID card
  • Firearms licence

If we only need to see one piece of ID, we will also accept either a:

  • Benefits Letter, or
  • HMRC Letter

The letter needs to be addressed and sent to you within the last 12 months, and confirms your entitlement to current or future benefits.

I need to send two pieces of ID - what can I send?

If you don't have any of the documents listed above, we might need to see two pieces of ID – one proof of identity and one proof of address.

How to make sure your ID is accepted first time:

  • All documents must show your full first name, not just initials – e.g. John Smith, not J. Smith.
  • If your document has more than one page, please send all of them.
  • Your address must appear exactly as it does on your application. Contact us if we don’t have your correct address, and if your address is registered incorrectly with Royal Mail, please contact them directly.
  • Documents showing an expiry date must still be valid (for Driving Licences, check section 4b on photocard).
  • If you need to send two documents, proof of who you are and where you live must be from different sources. For example, a Tax Notification Letter can't be used alongside a Child Benefit Letter as they're both issued by HMRC.

How to send us your ID

If you’re a UK national, you can upload a photo of your ID using the link that we sent to you when you finished the form.

If you need to post us your passport, Driving Licence or EU ID card, use the Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope that we sent to you and take it to the Post Office. Once we’ve received your documents, we’ll return them by Special Delivery within one working day.

If you’re sending any other documents, use the standard prepaid envelope and pop it in a post box. We’ll return your documents by 2nd class post.

We'll send out your thinkmoney prepaid Debit Mastercard® once we’ve verified your details. This will arrive in 3-5 days.

Terms and conditions:

For more information on how we will use your personal information when you have an account with us, read our 'how we use your personal information' leaflet. For more detailed information, you can also read our Privacy Policy.

Accounts opened after 7th November 2018

Account Terms and Conditions (accounts opened after 7th Nov)

Accounts opened before 7th November 2018

Account Terms and Conditions (accounts opened before 7th Nov)

How long will it take to approve my application?

Applying for a thinkmoney Current Account only takes a few minutes. On the online form we ask for your contact details, your address, a bit of information about you and your income, and that’s all. If everything matches up, we’ll post your card straight away.

If we need to double check any details on your application, we’ll ask you for ID. If you need to send ID, your application might take a bit longer.

How long will it take to review my documents?

It usually takes one working day for us to check your documents. If everything matches up, we’ll post your card, and it’ll arrive in 3-5 days.