Where can I use my card?

Where can I use my card?

You can use your Prepaid Debit Mastercard® to make debit card payments in pounds (in shops or online) and to make cash withdrawals in pounds in the UK. Wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark, you can use your card.

You can also pay in cash and cheques at any Post Office branch.

Why can’t I use my card at Pay at Pump petrol stations?

Your card doesn’t work at Pay at Pump to protect you from spending more money than you have.

When you pay in the shop, we validate the transaction electronically to confirm that you have enough money for your fuel. This electronic check doesn’t take place at Pay at Pump machines, so you could fill up more than you can afford and go into a negative balance.

You can still use your card to pay in the shop.

Why can’t I use my card in LINK cash machines?

You also can’t use some LINK cash machines (usually found in convenience stores or in pubs and bars) as they’re not part of the Mastercard network.