We're proud of the service we provide. Many of our customers tell us how much they appreciate how the thinkmoney Managed Current Account has helped them.

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16-Aug-2017Excellent ++Very good
16-Aug-2017Good +Good customer service
16-Aug-2017Excellent ++Fast and prompt
14-Aug-2017Excellent ++Great Service so far. It was fairly simple to join Thinkmoney looking forward to doing business with you
14-Aug-2017Excellent ++It was not complicated to fill forms in
14-Aug-2017Excellent ++He was absolutely polite and professional in his manner. Spoke clearly and concisely. Very knowledable and friendly.
14-Aug-2017Excellent ++Very easy service to use and quickly resolved issue.
13-Aug-2017Excellent ++No
12-Aug-2017Excellent ++From start to finish all so simple, all done on line. Card and pin sent out very quickly.
Can't fault any part of the service
10-Aug-2017Excellent ++Very simple application process, quick response . The whole process has gone very smoothly and very quickly

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