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17-Jan-2018Good +I have been with you for a few years with my bank account had no problems i have received my pin for my credit card but no card yet i got my pin on Friday so hopefully it will come today
17-Jan-2018Excellent ++So far so good. Quick service
16-Jan-2018Excellent ++My account was set up quickly & easily with excellent communication throughout the whole process & I received my new card that same week.
Thank you.
16-Jan-2018Excellent ++Quick and easy verry helpfull.
16-Jan-2018Excellent ++Fast efficient service
16-Jan-2018Bad --they text me and i asked them to cancel this card but they have sent it to me anyway
16-Jan-2018Excellent ++Quick fast service
15-Jan-2018Excellent ++Easy to understand
15-Jan-2018Excellent ++Easy, hassle free application process, good website and loads of useful advice
15-Jan-2018Excellent ++Yes I would very easy to set up and the lady on the phone very nice

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