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We're proud of the service we provide. Many of our customers tell us how much they appreciate how the thinkmoney Current Account has helped them.

Here are some of the latest comments (11239 total reviews) from our customers.

Posted Rating Comments
19-Sep-2018Excellent ++great service
19-Sep-2018Excellent ++Everything was fast and simply to follow, that made a big difference to applying.
19-Sep-2018Excellent ++Very quick and easy to use. Results in minutes
18-Sep-2018Excellent ++Great
18-Sep-2018Excellent ++Very efficient and easy to do.
18-Sep-2018Excellent ++just keeping me informed through the whole process
18-Sep-2018Poor -nothing to say as yet.
17-Sep-2018Excellent ++All very easy and quick
17-Sep-2018Good +They started well by doing the pre-qualification service, which is very useful. Then having agreed to be a provider the PIN and card arrived in very short order. I liked being able to activate online, and to test the card I paid a coule of small bills within minutes, which worked perfectly. I also liked being given a choice of ways to pay, from which I chose DD. I'm (so far) very happy.
17-Sep-2018Excellent ++Excellent service at all times. Any issues resolved quickly. No complaints from us

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