Changes to incomes processed on Saturdays



Don’t forget, from 17th October we’re changing the way we process incomes on Saturdays.

What’s changing?

Any incomes which are paid to you by BACS (the payment method for most wages and benefits) that are dated for a Monday have previously credited your account the Saturday before. However, from Saturday 17th October, this will no longer be the case.

Why’s it changing?

This change will bring us into line with industry standards. Although you may have previously received these incomes on a Saturday, they aren’t actually due until the Monday – until now, we’ve been crediting them earlier than we should.

How will it affect me?

Based on the regular incomes that you’ve told us about, we’re expecting that you’ll first be affected by this change within the next monthly cycle. We wanted to give you as much notice as possible that the income(s) you are expecting on the Saturday will not credit until the following Monnday.

We do appreciate that you may have grown accustomed to getting access to this money two days early. If you would like to re-arrange your budgeting, please do speak to a Money Manager by calling 0161 779 5000.

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