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Hey there, broke uni warriors! We know the struggle of balancing tuition fees, rent, freshers, and feeding yourself, all while trying to stick to a budget.

It’s almost second nature to choose a crisp bevvy over food with your last fiver but fear not, because we've got your back.

In today's blog, we'll be teaching you how to whip up some budget-friendly, dorm-room delights that won't leave your wallet crying for you to make better decisions. So, put on your chef's hat (or bucket hat) and let's get cooking!

Ramen Renaissance:

Ah, the classic uni staple: ramen noodles or noods as they should be called. But let's take this dish to the next level. Start by boiling water like a pro (if you're not sure how to do this, maybe uni isn't for you). Add your ramen noodles and some frozen veggies for that "I eat healthy" vibe. Now, don't forget to crack an egg in there – it's like an upgrade, but free-range. Top it off with some hot sauce and pretend you're on a culinary adventure in Thailand.

Pizza hacks:

Pizza is a student's best friend, but ordering in can get pricey (Dominos is daylight robbery if you ask us). Make a budget-friendly version by starting with a tortilla or pita bread as your base. Add some ketchup (yes, ketchup), shredded cheese, and any toppings you can scrounge up – leftover veggies, that single sausage from the back of the fridge, or maybe even a crushed pack of crackers for some extra crunch. Shove it in the microwave and boom – you won’t even know that you’re not in Italy!

Cereal creativity:

Cereal isn't just for breakfast; it's an anytime meal for champions on a budget and for some reason it tastes better when you eat it when you’re not meant to. Almost rebellious. Mix and match cereal varieties like a cereal connoisseur, add some milk (or milk substitute if you're lactose intolerant and fancy), and voila – you've got yourself a cereal medley, fully preparing you for a long day of hangxiety.

The instant coffee revolution:

Coffee is a lifeline for many students, but fancy coffee shops can drain your bank account faster than you can say "venti latte” coughstarbiescough. Invest in some instant coffee and get creative. Make a DIY mocha by adding cocoa powder, or channel your inner barista and create your own vanilla latte with a splash of vanilla extract and a dollop of whipped cream. Remember, it's all about the presentation – your Insta followers will never know the difference.

Magic liquid:

Yep, you guessed it, soup. Not only is it cheap, but it can be achieved in many different ways. Cans of soup can be bought for pennies, or alternatively, you can quite literally put any kind of thing that looks like a vegetable in it and 90% of the time it will be edible! Grab a veg stock cube, some carrots, potatoes, and spices, hot water, and stir every time you remember. If you want to be extra boujee, add a bit of crusty tiger bread (the mother of all breads).

Raise a toast:

Toast is quite possibly the ultimate uni staple. The combinations are limitless. Pair it with beans or an egg, or maybe you prefer the sweet route - JAM. It's pretty much foolproof, unless you press the button on the toaster too early - then it’s a 50/50 chance of being edible or something you can use as a weapon.

Leftover roulette:

Last night's leftovers are your literal best friend. Combine that half-eaten slice of pizza with the last bit of your kebab, add some random veg (or don’t), do a fridge dive of all the many half empty bottles of sauce, and you've just created a masterpiece – the "Everything's-About-to-Expire Stir Fry." It's a game of culinary Russian roulette, but hey, it's cheap!

There you have it, folks – your budget uni meals survival guide. With these ingenious culinary hacks, you'll never have to choose between eating and going out out. And remember, you're not just cooking – you're pioneering the world of gourmet budget cuisine, one instant coffee at a time. Bon appétit, budget warriors!

P.S. If you need any extra help budgeting and splitting your bills - our app works wonders, just saying 😉

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