What is event ticket insurance?


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Trying to buy concert tickets online can be stressful. You might have to register beforehand, wait in a phone queue or keep refreshing the ticket page until you get through.  

If you do get through, you're probably in such a rush to enter your payment details that you opt out of add-ons like event ticket insurance. But this type of insurance could come in handy if you're unable to go to a concert and want your money back.

We explain what event ticket insurance covers and whether you need it.

What is it?

Event ticket insurance covers the cost of a ticket if you can't attend an event for a certain reason such as illness, traffic accidents or airline delays.

Cover usually includes the cost of the ticket and shipping charges. You can also get money back for anything that you chose to add to your order such as parking. This type of insurance tends to be available for music, theatre, festival or sporting events and is usually something you opt in to when buying tickets online. 

What does it cover?

Event ticket insurance typically only covers 'unforeseen circumstances' – so anything that you don't expect to happen. For example, you should be able to claim your money back if your taxi breaks down or you suddenly fall ill. However, it's unlikely if you simply go to the wrong venue.

It's always best to read the terms and conditions of a policy beforehand to see what it includes. You might not be able to claim if you miss a show due to an existing illness or what the company considers 'normal' pregnancy symptoms.

Is it worth it?

The cost of event ticket insurance is usually no more than a couple of pounds so it could be worth adding on if you're spending a lot on tickets. It could give you peace of mind to know you'll get your money back if you can't see a band or theatre production due a reason outside of your control.

But it's worth remembering that this type of insurance won't always cover you for a cancelled or postponed event. You will usually receive a refund for a cancelled event from the ticket seller. You should get a refund if you can't go to a rescheduled event as well.

Don't forget, if you don't have event ticket insurance you can always resell your tickets. You can do this through sites such as viagogo, eBay and GetMeIn. While you might not get the full cost of the ticket back, you'll at least receive something.

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