Salary budgeting

Salary budgeting

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Getting your finances in order can be made a whole lot easier once you've figured out where your salary is being spent. Whether you're paid weekly, monthly, or are self-employed, we've got plenty of advice to help you get saving and spending smarter.

How to budget money on a low income

Take a look at how you can budget your money if you're on a low income, including what you should prioritise, where to get financial support, and how to put together your budget.

How to budget when you get paid weekly

Budgeting can be tricky if you're paid every week rather than monthly, but by following our simple advice, you can figure out a plan to make your budget work without a problem.

How to budget if you are self-employed

Being self-employed can mean budgeting is a bit harder, but you can make a plan that works for you by taking a look at our advice on putting away money for bills and how to cut your costs.