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Phone and card

Instant spending alerts

Keep track of your money with real-time balance and transaction details.

Thumb Biometric

Safe and secure

Use your fingerprint or facial recognition as a way to access your account.

Paper Airplane

Pay your friends

Send money in seconds to your existing payees or set up new ones.


  • Send money on the move
  • See straight away when you spend
  • All your payment dates in one place
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition to keep your account safe
  • Lock your card if you lose it, and unlock it again if it turns up
  • New features added regularly to keep you up to date
Iphone and debit card

Find the loan to suit your financial picture

Our loan marketplace is now available in the thinkmoney app.

Borrow £100 for a spot of DIY, or enough money to buy your dream car. Best of all, you can compare what’s on offer without worrying about it affecting your credit score.

Watch the video

See how you can make the most of the thinkmoney app. Get to where you want to be in a few taps thanks to the seamless navigation, and take a sneak peek at some of the features doing what they do best.

Don’t miss out on all this exciting stuff

Download the thinkmoney app and take your current account with you wherever you go.

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