Post Office® Barcode Deposit

Post Office® Barcode Deposit

To use the Post Office to pay in cash, you just need to visit a branch with your thinkmoney card and the cash you want to pay in. But if you don’t have access to your card, you can still pay cash into your thinkmoney Current Account at the Post Office – you’ll just need to take a special barcode with you.

How to use this secure service in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out our simple barcode request form
  2. Generate and print your unique barcode
  3. Hand it over the counter along with the money you want to pay in

Don't forget to get your barcode back!Your barcode can be used again and again, so don’t forget to ask for it back. If you forget, don’t worry – you can regenerate and print your barcode as many times as you need to.

Remember, you’ll only need it whilst you don’t have your card, so as soon as your replacement card arrives, you can dispose of your barcode securely.

Where is your nearest Post Office® branch?Click here to find your nearest branch.

Barcode request form

Generate and print your barcode

Example barcode:

Print example

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