Can I still access my thinkmoney credit facility if I haven't used it in a while?

As a customer that's upgraded to the thinkmoney Current Account Plus, you may be able to apply to use the thinkmoney credit facility. Depending on your credit limit, you can borrow from £100 to £400 for up to 30 days.

The credit facility can come in handy if you find yourself with an unexpected expense and need a bit of extra help – especially as you can apply to borrow more than once.

What is my credit facility limit? 

You can borrow either £100, £200, £300 or £400 with the thinkmoney credit facility. The credit limit you have is subject to affordability.

How do I apply for my credit facility? 

You can apply to access your credit facility through the thinkmoney app, online banking or by calling us on 0161 779 5000. See our guides for further details:

If you are struggling to access the credit facility or have any questions, please call us on 0161 779 5000.

Can I request to change my credit facility limit? 

Yes, just call us and we'll run an affordability check to see what credit limit is right for you. Please call us on 0161 674 0188.

How much does it cost to use the credit facility? 

Firstly, there is no change to your monthly fee when you use your credit facility. You'll continue to pay £10 a month or £15 a month for joint accounts.

You only pay for the credit facility when you use it. You’ll pay interest of 0.75% per day on the outstanding amount borrowed.

So if you borrow £100 for 10 days, you’ll repay a total of £107.50 – this includes the £100 you borrowed plus 75p a day for 10 days – £7.50 in interest.

1077.4% APR Representative

Will you review my finances if I borrow through the credit facility? 

If you borrow through the credit facility, we will every so often review your circumstances to make sure you are still eligible and can continue to keep up with your repayments.

We will let you know when your review date is and when you'll need to call us. If you miss your review date, you will not be able to borrow money through the credit facility. 

Could you accept me even if you've declined me in the past? 

Yes. We will check your circumstances each time you apply, meaning we could accept you even if you’ve been declined in the past.

It's important to know that we don't run credit checks for the thinkmoney credit facility. However, we will do affordability and other checks to assess whether you'll be able to keep up with the repayments.

This helps us to decide whether we'll accept your application and what amount you can borrow.

I took out a Flexi Loan and then couldn't access my credit facility, why was this? 

You cannot take out a Flexi Loan and access the credit facility at the same time. However, once you've repaid your Flexi Loan, you will be able to apply to use the credit facility again.

We will run affordability checks to make sure you that your situation hasn't changed.  

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Think Money Limited and Ideal Finance Limited are both part of TMG. When you apply to take out the loan, we thinkmoney are the credit broker, Ideal Finance Limited is the lender, and they pay us for our service.

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