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How can I apply for the thinkmoney credit facility?

Give us a call on 0161 672 8977 and we’ll be able to take you through the application process and see if you’re eligible for the credit facility.

And if you’re accepted, you can then apply to access it through the App, your Online Account Management or you can call us on 0161 779 5000.

  1. If you are applying using Online Account Management, just click the ‘Credit Facility’ button – you should see this when you log in.
  2. Let us know how much you want to borrow depending on your limit – whether that’s £100, £200, £300 or £400 – and how long you want to repay it over – this can be up to 30 days.
  3. Click through to read the terms and conditions. Check you’re happy with these and if you want to proceed, click ‘Apply’.
  4. If you’re using the App, click ‘Apply for credit’. Then follow the steps through – they work in a similar way.

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