Memory jar keepsake

Feel like your holiday lasts forever by storing your travel mementos with this lovely memory jar keepsake.

If you get the post-holiday blues, you can make it feel like summer lasts forever by saving your travel mementos with a memory jar keepsake. Take one large Kilner jar – so you’ve got plenty of space – and save in a few physical reminders of your latest holiday. You could keep a map or any flyers from your holiday destination, as well as any pictures your little one drew while you were away. You could even print out a few holiday photos for that truly special touch. Check out the blog for more ideas.

Travel memories jar

Keep a thoughtful reminder of your favourite holidays by storing little souvenirs in a travel memories jar.

Don’t feel too blue when you get back from holiday: save mementos from your favourite breaks in this travel memories jar. Each time you go on holiday, keep a thoughtful and meaningful souvenir from the break. When you get back, you can save it in the jar to remind you of your special holiday. It can be a little gift from a shop while you were away, or just something as simple as a shell from the beach! For more ideas for what to put in your jar, check out the blog.

Water kefir jar

Even if you’re a vegan, you can still get a healthy drink with this water kefir jar.

If you want a sweet, healthy and refreshing drink but you’re on a vegan diet, why not try making this water kefir jar? You’ll need to buy some water kefir grains off the internet or from a health food shop, and then you only need sugar and water to make the drink! You’ll have to leave the drink to ferment after you’ve made it, so a litre jar is ideal as you’ll have lots of room to do this safely. To get the water kefir recipe, check out the blog.

Rhubarb and orange vodka

Get creative and make rhubarb and orange vodka in a jar for a party drink that’s perfect for summer.

With the summery weather here to stay, why not mix up a jar full of rhubarb and orange vodka for a refreshing drink at the barbeque? Start by cutting up cutting up 400g of rhubarb and peeling the zest off one orange. Throw into a large jar with 250g of sugar and pour a bottle of vodka over. Seal the lid and store for three weeks, giving it a good shake every three days. Sieve out all of the bits and you’re done! Just make sure to drink it responsibly. For more tips, check out the blog.

Preserved lemons

Fill a jar with preserved lemons and you’ll be able to use them in a whole host of recipes.

If you want to cook something a bit more exciting for dinner, you can make a jar of preserved lemons to open up a whole world of exciting recipes! It also makes a great gift for a foodie friend. Start by cutting a large cross into six lemons and stuff each one with sea salt. Seal the jar and leave for a week. Squash the lemons down, add some rosemary and chilli flakes to flavour and cover with olive oil and lemon juice. To get more tips, you can take a look at the blog here.

Jam jar sponge cake

For a great summery dessert, bake up a jam jar sponge cake with light layers of fresh fruit and cream.

If you’re looking for a summery and light dessert, you can make this luscious layer jam jar sponge cake, ideal for sharing with a friend. You just need to bake a simple vanilla sponge cake and leave it to cool. Cut or tear into circles and layer up in the jar with fresh raspberries, blackberries and whipped cream. Take care to only gently push the sponge cake into the jar so it doesn’t lose any of its lovely fluffiness! For the full recipe, check out the blog here.

Lemon pepper chicken salad

For a healthy lunch on the move, mix up a lemon pepper chicken salad with a tasty tomato sauce.

If you’re trying to eat healthily but don’t want to be stuck with a boring bowl of lettuce leaves, this lemon pepper chicken salad with a chunky tomato sauce is a yummy option for lunch. Cook up a sauce of garlic, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree and leave to cool. Pour into the bottom of a large jar and layer up your vegetables and protein. Make sure to put the hard vegetables at the bottom and the leaves at the top so they don’t get soggy from the sauce! For some tips on salad ingredients, check out the blog.

Gluten-free cake in a jar

If you can’t eat wheat, you can bake up a gluten-free cake in a jar for a delicious treat.

When you or your friends can’t eat wheat, this rules out a lot of cakes. Don’t miss out on a tasty treat by baking this delicious gluten-free cake in a jar. Make a standard square vanilla sponge cake using gluten-free flour, and cut it up into squares when it’s cooled. If you’ve already got some spare gluten-free cake lying around, you can use this. Mix up some buttercream icing and layer up with the cake squares, and throw over a few sprinkles. To get the recipe, take a look at the blog here.

Chocolate popcorn jar

A homemade chocolate popcorn jar makes a great gift– or just to scoff on your own!

For those people in your life who are really tricky to buy presents for, why not surprise them with a thoughtful handmade gift? This chocolate popcorn jar will show you’ve really made an effort and it’s really easy to make. Pop your popcorn kernels and stir in melted chocolate. Spread out on a baking sheet to set. Fill up your jar with the chocolate popcorn, mini marshmallows and some extra chocolate treats. For more tips on making the chocolate popcorn jar, check out the blog for the full recipe.

Rhubarb and strawberry vodka

If you’re looking for something different to drink, try making rhubarb and strawberry vodka in a jar.

Looking for a new signature drink at your next party? We’ve got you covered. It’s easy to mix up a batch of rhubarb and strawberry vodka, as the whole infusing process takes place in a jar. Chop up fruit and add them to the bottom of a large jar with sugar. Top up with vodka, leave for a week to infuse and enjoy your fruit liquer! Just make sure you drink responsibly. For more tips, take a look at the blog here.

Delicious disaster

Even if it’s not what she was intending, this blogger still made a delicious disaster dessert in a jar!

When this blogger set out to make a pudding you can eat out of a jar, this tasty yet messy concoction wasn’t quite what she had in mind. Still, you can easily recreate this delicious disaster – it tastes a lot better than it looks! With a chocolate digestive base, a creamy and cheesy filling and a strawberry topping, it’s a great one to share with a couple of friends – just grab a sundae spoon and dive in. For the recipe, check out the blog here.

Oat cookies in a jar

Have a healthy snack with a batch of oat cookies in a jar to help keep hunger at bay!

If you’re constantly tempted to snack on chocolate and cakes, whip up a batch of healthier oat cookies in a jar, so you’ve always got something sweet on hand to eat! The recipe uses sultanas and ginger to add flavour so you only need to use a bit of light brown sugar for sweetness. Follow the cookie recipe on the blog, and once your cookies are cooled, store them tightly in your jar to keep them fresh – though we’re sure they won’t be around too long!

Strawberry lemon cheesecake

Create a summery dessert that’s easy to share with a light strawberry lemon cheesecake in a jar.

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to create a light dessert like this strawberry lemon cheesecake in a jar. It’s ideal for sharing with a friend out on Henman Hill while Wimbledon’s on! Crush biscuits and mix with melted butter to make the cheesecake base, then whip up cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla essence, lemon juice and zest, and layer up with strawberries in your jar. Top with whipped cream for a really summery feel! For the full recipe, check out the blog here.

Mexican salad in a jar

Mix up a spicy and colourful Mexican salad in a jar for a healthy lunch option this summer!

Add a spicy and colourful touch to your lunch with this Mexican salad in a jar! First off, choose your salad ingredients, adding in a few kidney beans and jalapeno peppers to keep it Mexican themed. Layer up all of the ingredients in your jar, making sure the dressing goes at the bottom and the lettuce and herbs are at the top. Just before you’re ready to serve your salad, turn the jar upside down for five minutes so all of the lovely flavours mix together, then pour out onto a plate. For more tips, check out the blog here.

Layered salad jar

Whip up a stylish and healthy salad, cleverly layered in a jar for a portable picnic treat!

Now that summer’s finally here, get out into the glorious weather and celebrate the sun with a picnic! This layered salad jar is the perfect healthy snack to take with you, just pour it into a bowl to serve. Pick your salad ingredients, cut them all up and layer them individually in the jar. Make sure to put the dressing at the bottom and leaves at the top, otherwise they’ll go soggy before you’re ready to eat them! For more tips on what to put in your layered salad, check out the blog here.

Spring bunny decoration

Create a cute spring bunny decoration to celebrate the sunshine and warmer weather.

Spring is in the air, and to celebrate, why not make an adorable bunny decoration to brighten up your room? Print off or draw a simple rabbit face, cut it out, and glue it to the front of your jam jar. You can also print off or draw some bunny ear shapes, stick them to the lid and glue on some cotton wool for the rabbit’s fur. Fill the jar up with little chocolates and it can also double up as your Easter table centrepiece!

Personal Valentine’s gift

Let your little one help you create a cute and personal Valentine’s gift for your significant.

Valentine’s Day may be all about you and your significant other, but if you’ve got a little son or daughter, why not let them help you create a personalised, sentimental gift? Craft a paper flower out of one of your child’s artistic creations, and glue it to the lid of the jam jar. Then, create your own design using brightly coloured felt tips on a piece of paper and slot it inside the jar to create a personal Valentine’s message. For more ideas and instructions, check out the blog here.

Valentine’s jar

Decorate a Valentine’s jar with heart accessories and fill it with sweets to give to the one you love.

For a gift that your Valentine will really remember this year, why not decorate a jam jar with romantic accessories? Find a selection of heart and craft accessories from your local haberdashery and glue them on the sides of the jar, using our photo for inspiration. You can then fill your Valentine’s jar with heart shaped sweets, or use it as a table centrepiece and put a candle in it if the two of you are having a romantic meal. For more crafty ideas like this, visit this blog.

Date ideas

Get creative and fill up a jam jar with exciting date ideas for you and your sweetheart.

If date night usually means an evening at the cinema, this jar full of interesting date ideas will give you an excuse to try something different! Write down as many exciting and quirky date ideas you can think of on slips of paper, fold them up and put them in your jar. When date night arrives, just pick out a piece of paper to decide what you’re going to be doing – whether it’s roller-skating at a local rink or trying a new cuisine. For more ideas on personalising this, click here.

Sweets jar

Give your loved one a chocolatey treat with a hot cocoa jar, or enjoy one yourself!

This Valentine’s Day, why not give your loved one a thoughtful gift they’ll really appreciate by personalising a jar with a handmade label and filling it with their favourite sweets. Think retro and choose some old-fashioned sweets from their childhood for a nostalgic twist –bonus points if you can find some in red or pink for Valentine’s Day! Finish the jar off with a sparkly heart and ribbon tied around the top. For more details, check out the blog here.

Hot cocoa treat

Give your loved one a chocolatey treat with a hot cocoa jar, or enjoy one yourself!

Banish away the winter blues with this simple, yet luxurious cocoa set – it’s the perfect accompaniment to a night snuggled up on the sofa in front of a film. Layer up icing sugar, chocolate chunks, powdered milk, cocoa powder and edible gold lustre in a jar. When you’re looking for a hot cocoa treat, put two or three spoonfuls into a mug and top up with hot water for a delicious drink in minutes. For more details on how to make your own, check out the guide here.

Simple vase

This Valentine’s Day, you can display flowers from all your admirers in this simple-to-make vase.

If you get a beautiful bouquet this Valentine’s Day, why not show it off in a shabby chic vase you can easily make yourself? Take a large jar and wrap two or three bands of colourful ribbon around it. Glue the ribbon at the back to keep it place, and tie another strip of contrasting ribbon around the neck. Make sure to trim the stems of the flowers before you put them in your simple vase – if they’re too long, they might overbalance.

Valentine’s tea light holder

Create a romantic atmosphere with an easy-to-make Valentine’s tea light holder.

You don’t have to spend a fortune this Valentine’s Day to create a romantic atmosphere for you and your date, as this tea light holder is simple and inexpensive to make. Cut some small hearts out of assorted colours of tissue paper and stick them on the outside of a jam jar using craft glue. Paint over the heart with more glue to seal it, and let it dry for about 12 hours before you add your candle. For more details on making this yourself, check out the original blog here.

Christmas scene snow globe

Create a festive winter wonderland by adding some cute figures inside your jar to make a Christmas snow globe scene.

Click here to view the snow globe how to guide

Chocolate Hearts

Give your friends a handmade gift they’ll appreciate this Christmas with a jar full of chocolate hearts.

Make a simple gift for chocoholic friends this Christmas by filling a jar up with homemade chocolate hearts. It doesn’t require lots of specialist baking equipment either; you can melt the chocolate in your microwave! Decorate the jar with a scrap of fabric for the lid and finish off with a nice ribbon. You can even save money by decorating them with hundreds and thousands if you don’t want to buy the specialist non pareils. To make your own tasty treat, click here.

Glow in the Dark Jar

Children will love this glow in the dark jam jar, which will help to illuminate their rooms at night.

Jam jars are great for decoration and this glow in the dark jam jar will be perfect to make with little ones. For children who are afraid of the dark, painting the jar with glow in the dark paint and placing it in the child’s room will help to reassure them at night. For a child that loves a bit of sparkle, a few sprinkles of glitter won’t go a miss.

Decorative Tea Light Jar

Tea lights and jam jars are the perfect combination and for special events such as Halloween and Christmas can be decorated accordingly.

Decorating your house for events such as Halloween and Christmas can be costly - but it doesn’t have to be. If you like to be creative and don’t mind ‘doing it yourself’ then making a decorative jam jar to hold your tea lights in could be a great addition to any seasonal party. Jam jars can be painted easily and sequins can be stuck to the outer shell. If you’re really feeling crafty you could even cut out characters or shapes to stick to the inside of the jar.

Picture Frame Jar

Change up how you keep your most beloved images, by rejecting the conventional photo frame for the unique picture frame jar.

With Christmas only around the corner, many of us get into a frenzy as to what we can buy for our loved ones. But what’s more thoughtful than a handmade gift? The picture frame jar is incredibly easy to make and will keep your loved ones happy without having to break the bank. To make the picture frame jar, all you need is a sentimental snap (6x4), some pretty material to cover the lid and some co-ordinating ribbon.

Sewing Kit Jar

Ever lose your sewing threads or misplace your sewing pins? Don’t worry because we’ve got the solution for you - the sewing kit jar.

Keep your sewing essentials organised all in one place, with the help of the sewing kit jar. The jar will help you to organise your sewing threads and needles, while the lid will double up as a pin cushion. To create a pin cushion with your jam jar lid, all you will need is some stuffing (cotton wool balls will do) and some fabric to cover up the top - easy!

Centrepiece Jar

Create quite the conversation starter at any dinner party with this quirky centrepiece jar.

To create the jam jar centrepiece, the quirkier the idea the better. You want your dinner guests to be utterly baffled and entertained by your creation - so get thinking! The idea is to create a mini-world within the jar. If you want to recreate this centrepiece jar, you need to make a garden environment within the container - so grab some leaves and twigs from outside and layer the bottom with seeds. Find any type of animal toy and position in place!

Jam Jar Mugs

As a nation of tea-drinkers, this next jam jar idea is sure to excite many of you! Revamp the humble tea mug, by making your own jam jar mug.

You will never have your mug mistaken for another’s at the office again with this quirky jam jar mug. Gone are the days when you have your favourite character or slogan on a mug; it’s all about the transparent jam jar cup! Ingeniously, as well as using a hexagonal jam jar to make your mug, you will also need a fork which will be used for the handle. For full instructions click here.

Stationary Storage Jar

Revitalise your desk and organise your stationary with a pretty DIY stationary storage jar.

You can be as creative as you like when making these jars. Be bold, and be bright -just make sure that your pens will still fit in the jar once you’re through. A proven idea is to get a page from a book and line it along the inside of your jar. You can leave it at this, or cut a shape such as a heart in the middle of the page to create a cool detailing. For any book lover, it may pain you to do this, but trust us; the end result will look fab! For full instructions click here.

Wedding Tea Light Jar

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, but these wedding tea light jars are sure to help you cut down costs.

These DIY tea light jars are easy to make and are the perfect centrepieces for any wedding. To make the tea light jars, you will need to paint the top and bottom of your jam jar, leaving space to stick down your favourite passage from a book to the outside of the jar. For a wedding, think of using passages from old romantic novels or classic fairy-tales. Once a tea light is placed inside the jar, the text on the outside will light up the room! For full instructions click here.

Frosty the Snowman Lantern

Looking for a unique Christmas decoration? Well, look no further than a Frosty the Snowman lantern.

Little ones will be sure to love this Frosty the Snowman lantern but will need help and guidance to make one - adult supervision is recommended at all times. To make your own lantern, you will need some soda crystals, PVA glue, a paintbrush and some ribbon, card and buttons to create Frosty’s face. For full instructions click here.

Pink and Glitter Candle Holder Jars

These glitter candle holders are great for those of us partial to a bit of sparkle and would be the perfect addition to any home.

With the festive season drawing nearer, glitter is going to be everywhere - so why not bring some sparkle back into your life in the form of a glittery candle holder? Pretty up an everyday jam jar by placing gold glitter around the outside of the jar. Once this has dried you can then make your own candles to go inside. For Christmas, you could go for a festive red candle instead of pink! For full instructions click here.

Pin Cushion Jar

For those of you with loved ones who love to sew, this quirky pin cushion jar could be the perfect gift for an avid seamstress.

If you want to give this pin cushion jar as a gift, make sure to tailor it to the person that you are going to give it to. You could use their favourite material for the pin cushion lid, or fill up the jar with new sewing essentials such as threads and needles. Alternatively you could leave the jar empty for them to fill with whatever they need to store, e.g. scissors. For full instructions click here.

Animated Tooth-Brush Holder

Excite and encourage your little ones to brush their teeth, with these animated tooth-brush holders.

Little ones will marvel at these easy-to-make tooth-brush holders, with animated faces and decorative detailing. If you want to make these tooth-brush holders with your children, you can ask them to input their own ideas so they have their own unique holder. Getting them to brush their teeth will no longer be a chore (we hope)!

Twig Vase Jar

For those of you who love to garden, get your little ones involved with making this twig vase out of a jam jar.

The twig vase is the ultimate example of taking something ordinary and making it beautiful. By simply rounding up some twigs from the garden and securing them around your jam jar, you have yourself a unique vase. Making this vase with your children is a great way to introduce your little ones to gardening - make sure to involve them in picking a new bunch of flowers every couple of weeks. For full instructions click here.

Job Jar

The dividing up of household chores doesn’t always run smoothly, but for a fairer distribution of jobs make your own job jar.

Household chores are never fun, but can be made a little more exciting for kids with a job jar. Giving your children a few household chores is a great way for little ones to understand responsibility and earn some pocket money. Print household tasks on bright pieces of paper and use colour-coding to distinguish the ‘grown-up jobs’ from the ‘kid jobs’. This will enable children to know that every family member is helping out. For full instructions click here.

Jam Jar Lid Garland

Have some spare jam jar lids cluttering up the house? Utilise these leftovers to make a jam jar lid garland.

If you find yourself wanting to create a lot of our jam jar ideas, you will most likely be left with a lot of jam jar lids once you’ve finished. Why not use these too by doing something crafty? The jam jar lid garland is a great alternative to the paper garland as it can be used both inside and outside. Bright colours will look great in the garden for summer. For full instructions click here.

Soap Dispenser Jar

Sick of your ordinary soap dispenser and want something quirky to liven up your bathroom? We’ve got the solution for you - the soap dispenser jar.

Fashioning a soap dispenser out of a jam jar is a great way to add a retro tone to your bathroom. To make one, you can either place an old soap dispenser into your jar or find a dispenser lid which you can place on top. For full instructions click here.

Storage Jars

Who doesn’t need a new way to easily store their things? These storage jars are the perfect solution to help you organise the everyday.

Storage jars are great for organising everyday objects that you need to have easy access to and know where they are. Larger jars will be able to hold things like stationary or makeup brushes, whereas smaller jars will be great for storing objects that go missing easily, such as small toys or pencil sharpeners.

Toothpick Dispenser

Go to reach for a toothpick and can never find one? Don’t worry - this toothpick dispenser will give you easy access to those pesky picks.

It’s often the smaller things that we need to have the most organised, and with something the size of a toothpick this could not be truer. A toothpick dispenser is very easy to make; you simply have to make a few holes in the lid of the jam jar and your dispenser is all set up and ready to go. For full instructions click here.

Bath Fizzies

Pamper a friend by giving them a jar full of homemade bath fizzies for a proper spa experience.

It’s easy to make these little bath bombs to give to your friend for Christmas, a birthday, or to pamper a new mum. You just need bicarbonate of soda, cornflour, citric acid, food colouring, and essential oil to make the bath fizzies, and it will only take a few hours of your time. You can also decorate the jar with paper, ribbon and a festive tag so it’s perfect for giving as a Christmas gift without breaking the bank! For more details, click here.

Body Scrub Jar

Create the perfect relaxation tool with the body scrub jar.

Want a cute container to store your body scrub in? Well, we certainly have the solution for you. Storing your body scrub or lotion in a kilner jar creates both a useful storage unit for you as well as adding a touch of charm to your bathroom. If you know someone who enjoys using body care products also, then the body scrub jar could make the perfect gift. To go the extra mile, you could even make your own body scrub and personalise it for your loved one. For more information on how to do this, click here.

Cocktail Shaker Jar

If you like to make your own cocktails, the cocktail shaker jar is sure to excite you.

Designing your own cocktails is a great party piece for any occasion and to impress your friends further, why not use your very own hand-made cocktail shaker? The cocktail shaker jar could not be easier to make; all you need is a large kilner jar that still has its lid attached and some scissors. Once you have inserted a few small holes into the lid of the jar, you are all set to satisfy your cocktail shaking needs. For more information, click here.

Hot Chocolate Jar

What’s even better than hot chocolate? The hot chocolate jar of course!

With the weather getting colder and the nights drawing in, we are sure many of you are reaching for a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up at the end of the day. So why not store your much needed hot chocolate supplies in a kilner jar? If you happen to know someone who’s an even bigger chocolate addict than you are, why not make them their very own hot chocolate jar? To make the jar, all you need is some hot chocolate essentials and you’re good to go! Special thanks to Pinterest user Kilner_UK for the inspiration!

Kilner Dessert Jar

Nothing will make your dessert look more appetising than a kilner jar.

The way a dessert is presented is pretty much the same wherever you go, so why not bring something new to the table by serving your guests dessert in a kilner jar? Kilner jars are great for serving all sorts of desserts, with cheesecakes, frozen yoghurts and cupcakes all looking great served up in the jars. If you want to make a dessert in advance, the kilner jar will help maintain its shape before it is served. For ideas on the type of dessert you could serve in a kilner jar, click here.

Kilner Vase Jar

Seeking an alternative to the everyday vase? Look no further than the kilner vase jar.

Making home improvements doesn’t always have to mean a trip to the shops. Why not revamp something that you already have in your home by using it for a different purpose than before? Jars are something that we all have lying around the house and a kilner jar would make the perfect vase to put your flowers in. If you paint your kilner jar a neutral colour like white, the colour of your flowers will really pop when placed in the jar. Special thanks to Pinterest user Kilner_UKfor the inspiration!

Kilner Tea Light Jar

Regardless of the occasion that you are planning, the kilner tea light jar will make the perfect centrepiece.

Whether you’re planning your wedding with a loved one, or preparing for the family to come over this festive season the kilner tea light jar will be the perfect addition to any winter party. To create mood and ambience for your guests this party season, cluster a few kilner jars together to make a centrepiece and place brightly coloured tea lights in their centre. Special thanks to Pinterest user Kilner_UKfor the inspiration!

Lace-covered jam jars

Add a chic vintage-inspired touch to your jars with lace, and they’re perfect for holding candles.

Whether you’re planning a shabby chic wedding or just want to decorate your home in bohemian style, these lace-covered jam jars will make a statement in any room. Measure the circumference of your jar and cut a piece of lace to the right length. Sew the ends of the strip of lace together into a sleeve, slide it on to your jar, and add a piece of bright wool for a pop of colour. Check out how to make one yourself here.

Cutlery Jar

Keep your kitchen cutlery organised by utilising the humble jam jar to store it away

Who says organising your kitchen has to be boring? Pretty up your kitchen cutlery with the help of an everyday jam jar. You can do this in many ways, but our favourite is to simply tie a piece of bright ribbon around your jam jar, finishing it off in a bow. The more colourful the ribbon the better and you can change the ribbon based on the season - at the moment a warm autumnal red or orange would look great!