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Looking for a no credit check bank account?

You don’t need to worry about a credit check with the thinkmoney Current Account.

All credit histories welcome

Even if you're an undischarged bankrupt

We could help you improve your credit rating

We can help you make sure you live within your means, put an end to late payment fees and unexpected charges, and get real help with your finances, from real people. All for £10 per month (£15 for joint accounts).

So, if you're looking for a current account with no credit check, you've come to the right place.

To apply, you just need to be a UK resident aged 18 or over.

Why open a no credit check bank account?

Unfortunately, having a bad credit history can make it harder to access certain financial products, including a bank account. This may leave you feeling worried and trying to find no credit check banks.

If you're in that situation, take a look at the thinkmoney Current Account.

Online banks with no credit check could be an option if you’ve got bad credit. You don’t need a good credit history to open a no credit checking bank account.

The thinkmoney Current Account is an online bank account with no credit check. Also known as a 'basic bank account', you can pay your income into it, set up Direct Debits and standing orders, and use a debit card to make purchases and withdraw cash.

Bad credit isn’t a problem to us, and we could accept you if other banks have turned you down before. Whatever your situation, you’ll get great service and a current account suited to your needs.

All it costs is £10 a month (£15 for joint accounts) to run the account. There are no unexpected charges for missed or rejected payments, so you'll know exactly how much you're paying each month.

An account with no credit check

The thinkmoney Current Account isn't a bank account. We're not a bank. We pride ourselves on being different, striving to put ourselves ahead of the other accounts out there.

And even though it's an account with no credit checks, that doesn't mean the features you receive will be 'basic'.

What do I get with the thinkmoney Current Account?

The thinkmoney Current Account isn't like other accounts. Banking with us is all about great service.

Our two account system gives you something most accounts can't provide: peace of mind.

The money you receive each month will be paid into your 'Salaries Account'. From there, our Money Managers will make sure money is put aside for all the regular bills you've told us about, then they’ll transfer the remaining amount into your 'Card Account'.

This gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the money in your Card Account is there to spend on whatever you want, whenever you want. Enjoy all the freedom and security the thinkmoney Prepaid Debit Mastercard® offers, as well as a two account system designed to ensure you don't accidentally spend what you haven't got.

Our Money Managers don't just budget for your bills; if you ever have any questions about your finances, they're on hand to provide the answers you're looking for.

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With a thinkmoney Current Account, you'll know exactly where you stand

Our account offers a lot more than access to our Money Managers. It also gives you access to Online Account Management and a range of text services designed to help you stay on top of your money at all times.

What it doesn't come with is an arranged or unarranged overdraft - but with our team of dedicated Money Managers handling all your regular commitments for you, you shouldn't need one.

With our help, you can live within your means, put an end to late payment fees and unexpected charges, and get real help with your finances from real people.

Don't let having a bad credit history get in your way. Open your thinkmoney Current Account today.

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