Apply for an account with no credit check

If you're searching for a bank account that you could open without a credit check, have you looked at the alternatives? Like the thinkmoney Current Account:

  • Built-in budgeting to get the bills paid on time
  • No more unexpected charges
  • CCJs, defaults and even bankruptcy welcome

Prepaid debitcard

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A thinkmoney Current Account would give you somewhere to put your money - along with access to Direct Debits, cash machines, online account management and a range of other features designed to help you manage your money better.

And it's available without a credit check: anyone can apply for a thinkmoney Current Account, as long as they can prove they're 18 or over and a UK resident.

What happens next?

Our account isn't a bank account - and its features aren't what you'd expect from a 'standard' bank account. It comes with a built-in budgeting service designed to get all the bills you tell us about paid on time, helping you steer clear of extra charges and improve your credit rating.

So when you speak to us, one of our advisers will explain how it works and take you through the application process. We'll be able to open your account as soon as we've received your signed application form and checked your identity.

There's a monthly management fee of £10 per month (£15 for joint accounts) and that's it. We don't charge for missed or rejected payments - and since our budgeting system helps you get bills paid on time, we can even help you avoid charges from other companies!

This is an alternative to a no credit check bank account, so having CCJs or defaults - or even being in the middle of bankruptcy - won't disqualify you from applying.

Our Money Manager service

Once your account is open, you'll be able to enjoy the Money Manager service. They are a helpful team of people who set aside part of your income for the bills you tell us about. They're there to work out your monthly budget, saving you time and effort, because you will only be able to spend what you don't need for your bills.

For more on how our account works, click here.

Our Money Managers can even forecast whether you are spending too much, running the risk that you'll be short of money for essential bills up to three months in advance - and that kind of prior warning could help you avoid getting (further) into debt.

You can talk to them about anything to do with your account. They are available on the phone weekdays, weekday evenings and Saturdays to answer any questions and basically help you make the most of your account

Finally, once your account is up and running you'll be able to manage your account online or by SMS. Both of these services are available 24 hours a day and give you access to a wide range of services, from altering your payments to receiving up-to-the-minute balance updates.

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