I need to send one piece of ID to open an account. What ID can I send?

Please send in one of the following documents:

  • UK and non-UK Passport
  • Full or Provisional UK Driving Licence (photocard only)
  • EU National Identity Card
  • Biometric Residence Permit
  • HM Forces ID Card
  • Firearms Licence

If you don't own any of these documents, we will also accept either a:

  • Benefits Letter, or
  • HMRC Letter.

The letter needs to be addressed and sent to you within the last 12 months and confirms your entitlement to current or future benefits.

ID checklist

Before you send your document, check the following.

  • All documentation must show your full first name, not just initials – e.g. John Smith, not J. Smith.
  • Please send all pages of your document if it has more than one.
  • Your address must appear exactly as it does on your letter from us. If your address is incorrect on your letters, please contact us; if it is registered incorrectly with Royal Mail, please contact them directly.
  • Documents showing an expiring date must still be valid (for Driving Licences, check section 4b on photocard).

Next Steps:

If you're sending a Passport, Driving Licence or EU ID card, please use the Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope we sent you and take it to your nearest Post Office®. Your documents will be returned via Special Delivery within 1 working day.

Otherwise, please put your documents into the standard prepaid envelope and pop it in a post box. Your documents will be returned via 2nd class post.

Once we verify your details, we'll open your account and send out your thinkmoney Prepaid Debit Mastercard®. This will take between 3 – 5 days to arrive. 


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