How do I use Faster Payments for sending money within the UK?

You need the account number and sort code of the person you want to pay, whether it's your friend, family member or a company.


Step by step guide

1. Log into Online Account Management

2. Select ‘Make a payment’ from the Quick Links

3. Enter the name of the person or company you’re paying, their sort code and account number. Then type in a reference so they know the money’s from you – if you’re paying a company, you’ll have a unique reference, which you should add here

4. Click next and you’ll be asked to enter these details again to make sure they’re correct, then click confirm. It’s really important you check these details are correct, as we may not be able to reclaim the money if it goes to the wrong person.

5. Then tell us how much money you’d like to send and click continue where you can review your payment

6. Review the details you've entered and if correct, continue with your payment.

7. You’ll then be asked to confirm your mobile number (or email address if we don’t have a mobile number registered for you)

8. We’ll then send a code to your mobile (or email address if we don’t have a mobile number registered for you), which you’ll need to enter before the payment is sent. This is a security measure to make sure that you’re actually the person sending the payment.

9. That's it! Your payment has been sent. Faster Payments out of your account are normally completed within two hours (and in many cases within minutes). However, in some circumstances they can take longer than this. A Faster Payment will always be credited by the end of the following business day. 

We’ll save these details, so it’s quicker next time you need to send them any money and they’ll be available on the App too.

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