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How do I set up a standing order?

It’s really simple, just follow the steps below:

Step by step guide

1. Log into Online Account Management

2. Select ‘Regular Payments’ from the quick links

3. Select ‘set up a new standing order’

4. Next, enter the payee’s name, their sort number, account number and a reference so they know who’s sending the money and click ‘Next’

5. Next, confirm the details you have just entered

6. Then enter the amount you wish to pay, what date you’d like the first payment to be taken, and the frequency of the payments

7. Check all of the details you have entered are correct and select 'Confirm payment' or 'Amend details' to change the standing order

8. Your new standing order has been submitted, select 'Update budgeting' so we know to take this into account when budgeting your account

9. That's it! Your standing order has been set up

You then just need to let us know that we need to take this payment into account when budgeting for you. You can do this by logging into Online Account Management. 

Here are the timescales you’ll need to set up a standing order to make sure it’s actioned:

  • Telephone - By close of business on the Business Day before the payment is due to be paid
  • Online Account Management - By 11:00pm the day before the payment is due to be paid
  • Text Message - 2 hours before close of business on the business day before the payment is due to be paid. You can only cancel or reduce the amount of an existing standing order by text message, not increase it.

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